Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog #9: Mock Interview Reflection

1. How did you prepare for the mock interview?
For the mock interview, I answered most of the 34 interview questions that Professor Gillespie posted in detail, as a way to plan out what information my answers would consist of.  I also chose some highlights I wanted to make sure I covered, such as my summer work as a music director at a camp, my work at Bethany Christian Assembly in their music department, etc.

2. Did you research the organization or business which you were interviewing for? What was their mission statement? What values does that organization or business advance? Did you research the field or the specific job to anticipate answers? How did you adapt?
I did not research an organization because this was a mock interview and I wasn't necessarily focused on any one church in my interview.  I tried to be as general in my answers in terms of not letting my denominational opinions and such show.  At one point toward the end of my interview, Professor Gillespie asked an "illegal" question about my political point of view.  It was asked in a directed question format, where the interviewer was hoping to get the answer he was looking for.  He told me the church is United Church of Christ, and they support Obama, then asked if I would be okay with that?  I felt pretty good about my answer, except for the part that I wasn't supposed to reveal my own personal opinions of being a Republican.

3. What did you do well for the mock interview?
I think I did well at containing nerves.  I also felt pretty good about my body language--I made a point to lean forward and be engaged in a conversation of sorts with the interviewer.  I also kept an upbeat, positive tone to my voice.  I felt really prepared for the interview in terms of what I wanted to say, and I think that showed with how at-ease I was in the interview.

4. What could you do next time you interview to improve?
Not say "um" 91 times in a 10-minute interview….  I would also be able to improve by researching the company prior to the interview.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3 Interview Questions

Well, I am currently a senior at Northwest University in Kirkland, where I am studying music and also minoring in communication. I'm involved with Northwest Choralons, which is our ministry choir that travels to various churches, schools and other venues during the spring to sing and worship with people. I'm very excited for this final year of Choralons because I will be singing a solo for the song "Forever Reign", you may have heard it originally done by Hillsong. Choralons is the highlight of my time at Northwest, because I am so passionate about ministry through song and the power that is behind that group. I see myself directing a similar choir in the near future, whether that be a youth choir or adult choir. Other than Choralons, I also participate in vocal jazz where I have been given a few solo opportunities, and I play piano and sing for two different Chapel worship teams. I also currently work for the music department at Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett as a department assistant, and occasionally get the chance to lead worship there. So many of the tools I use for organization and direction in music I learned from my experience at Bethany. I also get calls to lead worship at different churches or camps occasionally. King Mountain Church in Bellingham has asked me to lead once a month, and I am happy to do so. Something I've learned about myself is I love to lead worship for camps--there's something about teaching students songs about Jesus and the opportunity to effect their lives through music. I worked all of last summer at Island Lake Camp in Poulsbo, which is connected with Crista Ministries, as the music director. I led worship every night for a full two months, and learned so much during that time. Crista has actually invited me to come back and lead worship for a few weekend camps throughout the school year, which is a lot of fun. I share all of these awesome experiences with you to hopefully convey to you how much I feel I can bring to this job, if you give me the opportunity. Every single musical thing I've done has shaped me in different ways, and I know that I am well-versed and knowledgeable enough for this job.

As I mentioned before, I was the music director all last summer at Island Lake Camp. I think this in an accomplishment that has given me the greatest satisfaction. It was at this camp where I really had a chance to grow in my ability to lead worship, to experience what it is like to lead a group of energetic teenagers in fun songs and worship songs. I grew at least ten times more confident in my character and comfortable in how I interacted with everyone from the stage. I expanded my ability to effectively direct a team of musicians as to how each song needed to play out. This was the experience of a lifetime for me.

I was originally planning to major in Communications, as I thought I was supposed to be in radio or television. At a youth conference October of 2009, however, I received God's calling upon my life to study music ministry. I started out as a Music Ministry major, but changed to General Music because I wanted to be able to get into secular places as possibly a teacher or undercover missionary, or whatever God called me to do. The only difference between the ministry and general music majors is the 14 credits of extra Bible classes you have to take as a ministry major, and a couple specific music classes relating to church music ministry. I took the classes related to music ministry, such as a year-long internship at Bethany and a Worship Team Methods and Sound & Lighting class. I also decided on a minor in Communications in order to learn some about the trade so I had some basic knowledge if I ever needed to get a part-time job on the side, and also so those classes could influence my future career as a music director of a church.