Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog #10: My Major Analysis

My Music Major Fits…

…My Personality:
I am very extroverted--I love to be around people, and feel very lonely when I am not.  I also love to listen to music, to play music, to sing music, pretty much anything music.  There are very few songs I don't like, secular and sacred alike.

…My Communication Style:
I tend to speak with an authoritative tone that is not overbearing, but instead comforting.  I also speak eloquently and use gestures to enhance my message.

…My Calling:
I was called to use my gifts and abilities in music for ministry at the age of 17 in Yakima, WA at a youth conference.  I originally applied as a music major to Northwest University, but after one semester decided it was best to go for the general music major.  I made this decision because I didn't want what my diploma said to affect what kind of job I got--if I decided to work in a school, I could work in a school.

…My Aspirations, Goals for the Future:
In line with the calling God has upon my life, I plan to graduate in one semester's time.  In January I will begin the search for a church in need of a full time music director.  While I would prefer to stay in the greater Seattle area, I realize this might not be possible and will look for jobs out-of-state as well.  If I can't find a job before I graduate, I will look for a job either on-campus in Admissions or something similar to that, or possibly a job in the area.  I would continue to search for a full-time music director position somewhere.