Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Myers Briggs & Communication Strategies

My communication style:

It is interesting to observe how my communication style (my four letter code) influences all these different aspects of my life.  It helps me to understand exactly how I act around people, how I take in information, how I think, and how I react.  The following are just a few examples of how my communication style plays into the different areas of my life.

Choosing a major
My major is music, and I think this makes sense in the context of my communication style.  I plan to use my major to lead worship in a church, which my extroversion characteristic fits in well with.  The "J" aspect also plays  well into this because you need to be pretty well organized to work in a church music department--especially for a larger church.

Learning style
My communication style fits in really well with my learning style.  I am definitely a sensory learner--the more hands-on and visual the lesson being taught, the more likely I am to retain the information.  It also helps that I am an extremely organized, get-it-done person.

It was interesting to me that the test scored a high percentage of "J" for me--89%.  I know that I'm an organized person, but usually I go with the flow.  I like to hang out with friends, and usually I'll do that before I do homework.  I do plan out how much time I'll need for homework in my head so I know, but that doesn't take away from my social time.  Also, my extroversion comes into play well here.

Possible causes of stress
I find myself getting frustrated with people who make a decision purely based on intellect, and it seems heartless.  I am always worried about people's feelings or perceptions, and will often make a decision based on values or feelings.  I am confident I make good decisions that are well-thought-out, but I don't make a decision purely based on fact or intellect.

Dealing with conflict
I am a person who prefers to deal with conflict immediately after it occurs.  I don't like when people wait or think they need to walk away from the situation without solving the problem. My feelings are summed up with, "Don't let the sun go down on your anger."  If you don't deal with conflict right away, it's going to fester and the problem will only get worse and worse.

Communication strategies: Jordan Tucker, roommate
Based on my observations of my roommate, Jordan Tucker, I would guess his four letter code would be something similar to INTP.  He seems to be removed from social happenings most times, he likes to think big picture, he is definitely a logical analyzer, and he if not really an organizer but more of a processor.

You'll notice that we are complete opposites, which is very interesting for a roommate combination.  I think it kind of works well though as roommates, we are so different from each other but we appreciate the differences between us.  It's also nice because we are going in two totally different directions in life and it doesn't feel like I'm competing with my roommate (as I've felt in the past with other roommates, who quite possibly could've had similar codes to me).  When Jordan and I communicate, we have to factor into the conversation that he is an intellectual thinker and I am motivated by feeling or values.  Usually we come to an agreement about something, but we approach it from two totally different angles.  So I would say we have kind of already put this communication style difference to rest in adapting to each other.  We will definitely continue to work at being better communicators with each other, but I believe we've had a good start.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Goals & Mission Statement

By the end of the year I want to be able to look back and say that I read all my textbook assignments and completed each assignment to the very best of my ability.  I will make sure to accomplish this by making time each day to read, and creating incentives to work towards, a reward of sorts for accomplishing each task.

By the end of the semester I will have worked up to visiting the fitness center 3 times a week.  My purpose in doing so is to strengthen my legs, thereby curing shin splints, and toning my stomach muscles.  I will schedule a time each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where I will plan to go to the fitness center.  If I miss one, I must reschedule.

By the end of the year I plan to have $500 in savings.  I will accomplish this by transferring $50 per month.  I will set up an automatic transfer so that I hold to this goal.

To be caring and compassionate toward others, use my talents for God's glory, love people as Jesus would love them, and continually seek His will for my life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Typology and Temperament Tests

This is the result from the Humanmetrics Typology Test:

Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

 You are:
  • very expressed extravert
  • moderately expressed sensing personality
  • slightly expressed feeling personality
  • very expressed judging personality

This is the result from the Custom Keirsey Temperament Report:

Your Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results indicates that your personality type is that of the GUARDIAN

Guardians are the cornerstone of society, for they are the temperament given to serving and preserving our most important social institutions. Guardians have natural talent in managing goods and services--from supervision to maintenance and supply -- and they use all their skills to keep things running smoothly in their families, communities, schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses.
Guardians can have a lot of fun with their friends, but they are quite serious about their duties and responsibilities. Guardians take pride in being dependable and trustworthy; if there's a job to be done, they can be counted on to put their shoulder to the wheel. Guardians also believe in law and order, and sometimes worry that respect for authority, even a fundamental sense of right and wrong, is being lost. Perhaps this is why Guardians honor customs and traditions so strongly -- they are familiar patterns that help bring stability to our modern, fast-paced world.
Practical and down-to-earth, Guardians believe in following the rules and cooperating with others. They are not very comfortable winging it or blazing new trails; working steadily within the system is the Guardian way, for in the long run loyalty, discipline, and teamwork get the job done right. Guardians are meticulous about schedules and have a sharp eye for proper procedures. They are cautious about change, even though they know that change can be healthy for an institution. Better to go slowly, they say, and look before you leap.
Guardians make up as much as 40 to 45 percent of the population, and a good thing, because they usually end up doing all the indispensable but thankless jobs everyone else takes for granted.
Guardians at Work
As a Guardian, you enjoy working as a valued member of a team, whether you are leading it or following a credible leader. You like to work with people who carry their weight. You appreciate having clear-cut responsibilities and being recognized for your dedication and achievements. Your natural traits are those that employers have traditionally valued - and that successful companies still respect. You are responsible and loyal to an organization once you've signed on.
In any environment, including your work place, you are usually focused on making people happy and facilitating harmonious relationships. You often lend "aid and comfort" by drawing on a combination of tradition, past experience, and the direction of established authority. In your ideal job, people would give of themselves and work toward the good of the group.

Interestingly enough, the Keirsey test also considers me as ESFJ, which they classify as the Provider.  I was very satisfied with the Keirsey test, while the Humanmetrics test left much to be desired, namely detail.