Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Experience #3

I am the kind of person who immensely enjoys driving.  I will opt to drive in almost every situation, not always because I don't trust someone else to drive but purely because I prefer to be in control of the vehicle, and I love the sense of freedom driving a car gives me.  Road trips are right up my alley.

One particularly memorable road trip/vacation for me happened last May of 2011.  I decided I would take a few days to drive down to Long Beach, WA, to meet up with my grandparents who own a beach house there.  This was my first time driving that long of a distance alone, and I felt up for the adventure.  The plan was for me to drive down Thursday, stay the first night alone in the house, and the rest of the family would come Friday afternoon.

Words can't even begin to describe the array of emotions I experienced that day.  I was thrilled to drive the distance to Long Beach, I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility when staying alone in the house and having to figure out my own dinner, and I felt an incredible sense of peace.  It was a nice time for me to reflect on life, on God, and on my past couple years of school.  I was able to remove myself from society for that short period of time, and subsequently I took a walk along the beach, ordered pizza, and ate it while watching a movie.  It might sound like something small to many people, but it was something very good for me to experience.

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