Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog #9: Mock Interview Reflection

1. How did you prepare for the mock interview?
For the mock interview, I answered most of the 34 interview questions that Professor Gillespie posted in detail, as a way to plan out what information my answers would consist of.  I also chose some highlights I wanted to make sure I covered, such as my summer work as a music director at a camp, my work at Bethany Christian Assembly in their music department, etc.

2. Did you research the organization or business which you were interviewing for? What was their mission statement? What values does that organization or business advance? Did you research the field or the specific job to anticipate answers? How did you adapt?
I did not research an organization because this was a mock interview and I wasn't necessarily focused on any one church in my interview.  I tried to be as general in my answers in terms of not letting my denominational opinions and such show.  At one point toward the end of my interview, Professor Gillespie asked an "illegal" question about my political point of view.  It was asked in a directed question format, where the interviewer was hoping to get the answer he was looking for.  He told me the church is United Church of Christ, and they support Obama, then asked if I would be okay with that?  I felt pretty good about my answer, except for the part that I wasn't supposed to reveal my own personal opinions of being a Republican.

3. What did you do well for the mock interview?
I think I did well at containing nerves.  I also felt pretty good about my body language--I made a point to lean forward and be engaged in a conversation of sorts with the interviewer.  I also kept an upbeat, positive tone to my voice.  I felt really prepared for the interview in terms of what I wanted to say, and I think that showed with how at-ease I was in the interview.

4. What could you do next time you interview to improve?
Not say "um" 91 times in a 10-minute interview….  I would also be able to improve by researching the company prior to the interview.

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